Welcome to Hynes Hunting and Fishing

Welcome to Hynes Hunting and Fishing

Located on the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador, We have provided our customers with thrilling and successful hunts and fishing trips since 1998.

Our experienced and licensed guides ensure to provide knowledgeable guidance throughout your trip while our in camp cook provides home cooked meals and clean living quarters.

Hynes Hunting and Fishing provides both hunting and fishing outfitting services for our customers. If interested in a hunt, you can take advantage of our hunting packages. We offer moose, and bear packages or a combination of both. Hunting packages are offered for the months of September and October.

If you are interested in salmon angling or trout fishing, please check out our fishing packages. Portland Creek River as well as other surrounding rivers offer some of the best salmon and trout fishing in Newfoundland. Fishing packages are offered for the months of June, July and August.

We also offer a summer fishing and baited bear hunt package.

All of our packages also include some of the greatest scenery and solitude anywhere in the world.

Please check out our website for more information, or if you would like more information, feel free to send an e-mail to [email protected]. If you would like to talk to someone in person, feel free to call Marilyn @ 1-709-898-7537 or Kirk @ 1-709-898-8425.

Our clients say

"Archery bull moose hunted the 1st week of October 2019 with Hynes' Outfitters in Portland Creek. Very good outfitter in an awesome area, the terrain was beautiful which disguises the ruggedness forests. The lodge is remote on the edge of the bush and exactly what I was looking for a disconnect from modern technology a set back to prove what we have to have to survive and what we can live without. The guides & outfitter were all great people which made this experience a hunt of a life time. All the hunting starts with either a boat ride the walking into the bush or just straight out of the lodge to the bush. We saw plenty of moose sign and heard several moose being vocal while hunting, my second day hunting we called in a bull moose to a 42 yard with my bow for a one shot kill. Quartering the moose up in the bush and packing out from several miles back in the bush was quite the experience. This was my guides first archery moose hunt, he was a very good guide and very open to listening and understanding how we had to work together to make this hunt come together and when it came together we were both astatic with the kill it was a first for both the guide and myself. There were 5 hunters in camp two archery and 3 rifle all 5 killed moose, 4 bulls & 1 cow. This hunt was all about the experience the kill was the cherry on top, all the great people at camp Outfitters, Guides and Hunter made this a lifetime experience."
Brian Wilkison
Bow Hunter
"Now that's what I call a hunting trip! Arrive near Dan's Harbour where Kirk and Marilyn meet you for a 45min boat ride to a very homey hunting lodge. Next day go hunting! Sit, walk, shoot and debone moose and carry out ! That's what I call a hunting trip!"
"I hunted with Hynes hunting and fishing outfitters in 2018 & 2019 we went 3 for 3 on bull moose both years. This family run operation is a true hunting camp over looking a 16 mile long lake. Their the only outfitter on the lake and they only take 5 hunters per week. They also offer a trophy fly in camp for 2 hunters in the back country. The camp consist of three cabins one for the host and guides, one for there supplies and the main cabin for the hunters. It has two bedrooms a small living room ,a bathroom with shower, and a large kitchen/ dining area. Marilyn our host prepares all the meals which were delicious and you’ll never go hungry. All hunts are determined by the wind ,weather and rain. Each morning you and your guide will discuss which area you’ll be hunting that day a short boat ride later your adventure begins. Recommendations: Get in shape this hunt is not a walk in the park you can easily hike in one to five miles per day and the terrain can be equally as challenging as hunting elk in Colorado. Buy good rain gear and rubber boots you’ll be wearing it everyday. Invest in a good backpack once you harvest your moose jump in and help pack out. It will take many packs to get your game back to the boat. A bull moose cut wrapped and frozen will fill a 200 qt cooler. We drove from Ohio on both trips to North Sydney Nova Scotia and took the ferry over to newfoundland. It’s a long trip but the scenery along the way is beautiful. Taxidermy: I would recommend doing a European skull mount if your not going to do a full mount. I did it and it’s a one of a kind mount. I have other friends who hunted with Hynes on two occasions and they also went 3 for 3 on bull moose both times. On my last hunt they had 5 hunters in camp and we took 4 nice bulls and a Huge cow. We hunted very hard and took the last moose Wednesday afternoon . We spent Thursday going to the butcher shop and we packed out on Friday. Moose hunting is an adventure of a lifetime and Hynes hunting and fishing outfitters offers a true hands on hunting adventure one I will never forget. Thank You"
Michael Stanney
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